Return & Refund

Eligible for Return and Refund

  1. Before Shipment: If the product has not been shipped.
  2. Within 7 Days of Receipt: If the product is undamaged and resalable.
  3. Within 30 Days of Receipt: If there is a quality issue with the product.
  4. Within 30 Days of Replacement: If the replaced product still has quality issues.

    Note: Shipping and customs fees for returns are borne by the buyer.

Not Eligible for Return and Refund

  1. Products not purchased from our platform.
  2. Unable to provide a valid proof of purchase, receipt, or order number.
  3. More than 7 days have passed since receipt, with no quality issues.
  4. Products that have been modified or disassembled by the buyer.
  5. Product faults due to improper use by the buyer, contrary to the manual.
  6. External factors causing product faults, such as fire, flood, high winds, and lightning.
  7. If the product is not returned within 7 days after customer service approves the return.
  8. No quality issues found after testing the returned product.

Refund Process

  1. For orders that have not been shipped, refunds will be processed within 1-2 business days.
  2. For returned products, refunds will be processed within 2-3 business days after receiving the product. Approved refunds via PayPal will generally be credited within 3-5 business days, but it may take up to 30 days or longer in special cases.
  3. If the product does not meet the replacement or refund conditions, the sender must pay for the product testing fees.

    Note: We may modify the terms of our refund and replacement policy, and the latest terms will apply.