Shipping Policy

Shipping Fee
$15 per order. Shipping fee waived for orders over $95.


Shipping Address
Tolifo Photographic Equipment Co. Ltd
No. 15 Xibao Road, Xitou Village, Houjie Town
Dongguan, Guangdong, China


Remote Areas
Our free shipping policy does not apply to remote areas. If your shipping address is in a remote area, we will contact you to pay the additional shipping fee for such regions.

P.O. Box
We do not ship to P.O. Box addresses. Orders with a P.O. Box address will be canceled.


If you need an invoice, please contact our customer service.

Order Tracking Website
To track your order, log in to your account on, and click on “My Orders”.


Postage Duration

Ship To Processing Time EST Delivery
United States 2-3D 6-12D
United Kingdom 2-3D 6-10D
France 2-3D 6-10D
Germany 2-3D 6-10D
Italy 2-3D 6-10D
Spain 2-3D 6-10D
Netherlands 2-3D 6-10D
Belgium 2-3D 6-10D
Austria 2-3D 6-10D
Sweden 2-3D 6-10D
Poland 2-3D 6-10D
South Africa 2-3D 8-12D
Cyprus 2-3D 8-12D
Canada 2-3D 8-15D
Ireland 2-3D 6-10D
Greece 2-3D 8-12D
Bulgaria 2-3D 6-10D
Portugal 2-3D 6-10D
Hungary 2-3D 6-10D
Slovakia 2-3D 6-10D
Czech Republic 2-3D 6-10D
Romania 2-3D 6-10D
Finland 2-3D 6-10D
Denmark 2-3D 6-10D
Norway 2-3D 8-10D
Mexico 2-3D 8-12D
Israel 2-3D 6-10D
Brazil 2-3D 15-35D
Singapore 2-3D 6-7D
Malaysia 2-3D 8-12D
Thailand 2-3D 5-6D
Turkey 2-3D 6-10D
New Zealand 2-3D 6-10D
Switzerland 2-3D 6-9D
Estonia 2-3D 6-10D
Latvia 2-3D 6-10D
Lithuania 2-3D 6-10D
Croatia 2-3D 6-10D
Slovenia 2-3D 6-10D
Pakistan 2-3D 11-13D
Nigeria 2-3D 13-16D
Ghana 2-3D 13-16D
Uganda 2-3D 13-16D
Kenya 2-3D 13-16D
Tanzania 2-3D 11-13D
Rwanda 2-3D 9-13D
Angola 2-3D 11-13D
Egypt 2-3D 13-16D
United Arab Emirates 2-3D 6-10D
Saudi Arabia 2-3D 8-12D
Kuwait 2-3D 8-12D
Qatar 2-3D 8-12D
Bahrain 2-3D 8-12D
Jordan 2-3D 10-14D
Lebanon 2-3D 8-12D
Vietnam 2-3D 8-10D
Philippines 2-3D 5-6D
Australia 2-3D 5-10D
Japan 2-3D 3-5D